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In order that we are able to bring you the best available candidates to meet your requirement, it’s important that we find out as much as possible about your specific role. To provide you with accurately-matched and relevant CVs we seek to gain a thorough understanding of what it is that your company has to offer, how your organisation operates and a detailed job specification, whether we’re searching for an individual on a permanent, contract or fixed-term basis

We consider a number of factors when assessing a vacancy and ask you to think about why it is that somebody would like to join your business. Being able to answer the following will provide us with a platform on which we will be able to draw up a comprehensive job specification.

  • What about the company culture or the environment your employees work in?
  • As well as salary and package, are there other benefits to working with your company?
  • What are your organisation’s objectives and goals?
  • Are you able to offer financial information on your company’s status?
  • What are the prospects for promotion or diversification?
  • If contract or fixed-term, what is the duration of the assignment?
  • If the position is overseas, what additional benefits are offered? Typically, these may include salary / rate uplifts, accommodation, flights, transport and life & medical cover. Also, is the role offered as married or single status and what is the leave/rotation cycle?
  • Which project(s) will your new recruit be working on?
  • What about job content and responsibilities?
  • Is there any emphasis placed on training or Continuing Professional Development?
  • Where is the location of the role?
  • What technical competencies are required?
  • Is there a minimum qualification standard?

Should it be required, we are also able to offer a psychometric profiling service.


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